We know that parents and teachers spend incredible time and energy investing in our children, but do we forget to honor the coaches and other athletic volunteers that pour hours and hours into teaching and helping our children in their free time?
The first ever Heart of UA Award, designated to honoring exceptionally generous individuals and families, was presented to the Tim and Glenda Huffman Family this year. Now, we are looking ahead to see who we will honor in 2020!
Community leaders are gathering together to honor veterans and create an attractive entrance for Mallway Park.
This year's Raise the Roof was a fresh take on the nostalgic event we all love. We had a great turnout with live music by Harold "Hap" Hall and delicious food from Steven's Catering.
This week we got two emails thanking us for our last Good Neighbor Fund grant. We wanted to share about the impact that this grant had on a couple of our lovely neighbors.

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