We came across a great candidate for a Good Neighbor Fund grant this fall and were so happy to receive a note from the parents letting us know how the grant has affected the family thus far.
We are so grateful to Samin for bringing endless smiles and laughter to an audience full of new friends.
This beloved cook, writer and teacher is our featured speaker for our 2019 Author Visit, a partnership with the Upper Arlington Public Library. We will be welcoming her to the stage this fall for a lively conversation moderated by Jeni Britton Bauer.
Over the years, we have spent many hours with the students of Upper Arlington asking them what they are passionate about. One of the themes that has come up over and over with students is a passion to overcome a fear of people that are different from them. Most of these students feel they are incredibly lucky to live in Upper Arlington, but they want to know how to interact with other people from different walks of life as well. This is one of the discoveries that lead us to the Barrington and West Broad Street Elementary partnership.
This year has been another great year of community development, new projects, and partnerships created to serve our future. We are currently raising funds for new projects such as Petro Plaza, honoring outstanding athletic volunteers and Veterans Memorial Plaza, honoring the military service of our residents. Alongside these projects, we wanted to share about some of the grants we have awarded so far this year.

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