Planning for Our Future

In late 2023, the Board of Trustees and Foundation Team worked diligently to reassess and redefine the core values that drive the Foundation's work. We recognize the community of Upper Arlington is evolving, and want to ensure the Foundation is not only keeping pace but leading the way in addressing the needs of our residents. The organization adopted a new vision, mission, and values in December.

Our Vision

We envision an Upper Arlington that responds to its greatest needs and opportunities today, prepares for a better tomorrow, and dreams big for a bright future ahead.

Our Mission

We are a home for philanthropy in Upper Arlington that leads efforts to connect our community around big ideas and projects, enhances our local nonprofits, and builds community leaders. Our grants support the health and wellness, safety, and belonging of our neighbors, strengthen arts and culture, and beautify our public spaces.

Our Values


We seek input from UA residents and organizations to identify community needs, challenges, and opportunities of any size.


We celebrate and serve all individuals in UA.


We work in partnership with the City, Schools, local organizations, and our residents to address needs and opportunities facing our community.


We engage stakeholders to seek and achieve positive change in UA with big ideas and dream big to spearhead community solutions.


We are stewards of community investments, responsible for utilizing funds effectively and ethically and accountable to our board, supporters, and community stakeholders.

Statement on Social Justice, Equity, and Inclusion

The Upper Arlington Community Foundation is a force for good. As a leader in philanthropy, we engage donors, community organizations and civic partners to invest in lasting impact by envisioning a community where every individual has the opportunity to thrive.

The Foundation’s core mission is to respond to community needs and opportunities and serve as a catalyst to initiate projects vital to a community’s health and vibrancy. By harnessing the strength and steadfast support of our citizens, the UACF provides the resources that support services and programs with a singular goal in mind - to enhance the quality of life for all members of our community in the areas of safety, arts, health, education, recreation and beautification.

Rarely in our organization’s history has our purpose been more meaningful, as we share a deep concern with the fundamental inhumanity of institutional racism that continues to prevail. Now, is the time for the UACF to raise its collective voice, declaring our commitment to take thoughtful, decisive action…passionately pursuing a path forward to co-create a community that provides basic human rights and protections for all our citizens.

The Foundation is committed to listening, learning, and supporting our Upper Arlington neighbors and organizations, as we collectively work to in our community, through embracing change, celebrating differences, and encouraging diversity. The UACF is also committed to speaking out against racism and advocating for social justice, equity and inclusion to our friends and neighbors, elected officials and business and community leaders. Please join us on this journey…we are Better Together.

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