With our typical Midwestern Winter Weather upon us, most of us are just trying to stay warm and safe. It’s easier for some UA residents than others. Between rising prices for utilities, food and other essentials, and the continuation of the pandemic, some of our neighbors need help. That’s where the UACF Good Neighbor Fund comes to the rescue.

The Good Neighbor Fund helps Upper Arlington residents that have a unique, unforeseen event happen in their lives that threatens their stability. This fund is specifically for one-time, emergency assistance due to an event that seriously jeopardizes the recipient’s ability to meet basic needs. It is the choice of “last resort” after all other options have been explored and denied.

Over the years since its inception the Good Neighbor Fund has helped seniors to continue living at home, saved small businesses, supported many families in time of need and spent over $78,000 to be better neighbors.

Since you’re thinking about it now, why not go to our “Give Now” icon ( top right of this page) and give a small amount that, when added to other gifts, builds a fund that can mean everything to a struggling UA resident. Use a credit or debit card, you can even use your checking account.

We live in a beautiful community with lots of amenities for its citizens, but still there are those in need. Won’t you help?

Donate today.

Join with others to become a collective force of positive change in our community.