Unrestricted Fund

An unrestricted fund gives UACF the flexibility to support innovative programs, try new approaches, and apply grant money where it’s needed most—even as needs and priorities change through the years.

Field of Interest Fund

A field of interest fund allows you to have ongoing involvement in the way your gift is used. You’ll work with our staff to identify and review community needs, match them with your interests, and then recommend grants to our Board of Trustees for distribution.

Your fund’s assets will be professionally invested and managed to grow over time. We list funds in our annual report and on our website in the donors’ name, but if you prefer to remain anonymous, we’ll gladly abide by your wishes. You may add to your fund at any time and invite your friends and family who share your interests to do the same. It’s a great way to celebrate a birthday or honor a special event.

Steps to Start a Fund

  1. Get in touch! Call our office and set up a brief meeting.
  2. At the meeting, we’ll discuss your charitable ideals and help you decide what kind of fund will best help you carry out your interests, identify the most appropriate form of asset to use in establishing your fund, and complete the paperwork.
  3. Establish your fund using cash, appreciated stock, bonds, real estate, or other personal property. (To maximize your fund’s immediate impact and support its grant potential, UACF has established fund minimums that will be discussed during the initial meeting.)
  4. Select the type of fund and the name for your fund.
  5. Once the fund agreement is signed and the assets transferred, the process is complete, and your fund is operational.

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