This year, the Fitzpatrick fund has truly changed the landscape for youth football in Upper Arlington. Additionally, it has made it possible for students who may not otherwise be able to play different sports to participate to the fullest.

"We are thrilled to partner with the Upper Arlington Community Foundation to support our great youth sports programs in Upper Arlington.  The foundation is proud to provide the resources required to allow our community partners to have the best available training and safety equipment while also providing financial support to families in need so that every child in our community is able to participate."  Mike and Lisa Fitzpatrick

How did we do it?

This fund donated tackling tubes to each of the 12 UA Youth Football tackle teams this past Spring. It also granted scholarships to a number of students to fund their participation in various sports. 

What do tackling tubes do? 

Tackling tubes are a training tool that coaches can use to help students tackle safely and effectively. Rob Miller from UA Youth Football stated  "This equipment not only builds confidence and makes training fun, hand-eye coordination is improved, body lines and agility increase, resulting in consistently high accuracy rates."  And, "Having the correct technique increases player safety, which is of paramount importance." These tubes help to train kids to tackle accurately and reduce the likelihood of concussions and injuries to the head, neck, and spine.  

What do sports scholarships provide? 

Sports scholarships through the Fitzpatrick Fund help to cover everything from sports fees to equipment and training costs for students who are in need of assistance. These scholarships make it possible for every UA student to participate in these enriching activities regardless of their family situation and economic status.

How do you get involved? 

Do you want to give back to this cause? We would love to discuss your passions and how we can come alongside you making a difference. Give us a call at (614) 451-0700.


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