July 4, 2018 marked the unveiling of the Golden Bear sculpture for Upper Arlington’s new Centennial Plaza at Northam Park. The Upper Arlington Community Foundation helped fund the life-sized sculpture, which was created by Upper Arlington native, Alan Hamwi. The scene depicted includes the mother Golden Bear and her two smaller cubs. The Golden Bear is the Upper Arlington High School’s mascot, making the sculpture a meaningful representation of Upper Arlington’s lasting legacy.

For Hamwi, this sculpture is a way to involve all generations of Upper Arlington in the community. “It’s really an honor to have the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy in Upper Arlington, especially for my parents and my kids,” he said.

He has many statues on display throughout central Ohio include Harold Cooper and baseball gear at Huntington Park as well as animals at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

The Centennial Plaza is located on the western edge of Northam Park and includes a landscaped “history walk” and a seating area. Upper Arlington also celebrated its centennial with street banners displayed throughout the city and a history book created by the Upper Arlington Historical Society.

This project is not only a celebration of our past, but a long-lasting symbol of inspiration for generations to come.

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