The Good Neighbor Fund provides emergency one-time grants to fund basic needs for UA residents that have experienced a unique unforeseen event that threatens their stability. 

Our most recent grant helped a single mom back on her feet again after a number of distressing situations. David Wisner of the Upper Arlington Division of Fire CARES Program wrote to us and said "The family that was supported through this award came from a complex social, medical, and mental health situation." This family had sought help from a number of different organizations that were not able to provide them with the assistance they needed.  

This family came from a domestic abuse shelter and was placed in a neighborhood they were unfamiliar with. While most would prepare for more dissapointment and hurt in a situation like this, Wisner recounted that, "What they found was a community that embraced and loved them, providing hope in the midst of extreme circumstances that would overwhelm most." 

Through partners and donors, we were able to provide this family with emergency assistance, new beds and linens, and a new washer and dryer. "Your generous support provided tangible items that made a great impact on this family," Wisner said. "You stepped in and made a difference that was much more than a granted award. You showed them that there was hope, which motivated them to continue pursuing their goals."  

"Through the support of you, your partners, and your donors, this family has been able to live healthier, happier, and more independently since the award." All of our grant recipients have been incredible. We have been priveledged to get to provide a hand up for them so that they can get back to living thier lives again.

If you are interested in donating to this fund, give us a call at (614) 451-0700 or donate on our website. 

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