Unifying to Strengthen our Community

“One of the finest hallmarks of Upper Arlington is our ability to join together for the common good of our community. Our citizens support the strong tradition of working side-by-side to improve the quality of life in UA. The Upper Arlington Community Foundation was created to lead this tradition. Through collaboration, leadership and giving, the UACF is devoted to the vision of building a strong, safe, healthy and more vibrant UA.”

— Sue and Anne Ralph

Shining Light on the Community

"The UACF is an important part of Upper Arlington. The Foundation looks at all aspects of life and our community and tries to reflect positively on each one of them. It gives our village a direct sense of community togetherness. It definitely sets us aside from most other communities."

— Ed and Mary Jane Overmeyer

Building a Lasting Legacy

Jenny Lou and George Renkert initially moved to Upper Arlington 63 years ago because it was a beautiful, friendly, thriving community. The outstanding school system, administration and civic pride continues to inspire them to spread their love of Upper Arlington.

“Our fund has helped build a garden, renovate Safety Town, and add new equipment for the police department.  We’re all here because we appreciate the amenities UA offers. Support, in any degree, of the Foundation will help our community to continue thriving.”

— Jenny Lou and George Renkert

Bringing Generations Together for Years to Come

The happiest day of the year for Merry and Jim Hamilton is the Fourth of July. All their lives they’ve loved seeing generations come together and appreciate the blessings of our UA Community. To them, our churches, student unions, parks, Senior center and libraries reflect a heartwarming commitment to serving everyone.

“There has been talk — and a dream — of an Upper Arlington Community Center since I was a child in UA.  How wonderful it would be to have that dream come true in my lifetime to provide that “Fourth of July feeling” for generations to come.”

— Merry and Jim Hamilton

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