We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing hardship at this time. Thank you for trusting us to help!

The Upper Arlington Community Foundation’s Good Neighbor Fund (GNF) was established to help Upper Arlington residents who have a unique, unforeseen event happen in their lives that threatens their stability. The GNF is made possible by the Upper Arlington Community Foundation (UACF) and your Upper Arlington neighbors. Together, we work to ensure our neighbors in need know about this safety net.

This fund is specifically for one-time emergency assistance due to an event that seriously jeopardizes the recipient’s ability to meet basic needs. This fund serves as a last resort for those with urgent needs who have exhausted all other options for financial assistance.

Applicant Qualifications

You qualify to apply for a GNF grant up to $3,000 if you meet all of the following requirements:

These individuals will be contacted by the UACF staff.

Qualified Advocate Partners

The GNF is successful thanks to strong community relationships and our qualified Advocate Partners. The role of the Advocate Partner is to refer you to this program, confirm your need, assist you with this application process, and advocate on your behalf.

Please select which Advocate Partner is helping you and provide contact information.

Personal Information
Funding Request

Enter the total funding amount of the invoices attached below. Creditors will be paid directly by the UACF.

Invoice 1

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Invoice 2

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Invoice 3

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Invoice 4

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Invoice 5

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