New Bikes for Safety Town

Safety Town is a one-week summer preschool hosted by the UA Police Division where students learn pedestrian and traffic safety in a miniature village complete with streets, sidewalks, buildings, stop signs, and a working traffic signal.

The Foundation, through grantmaking, has made an impact on the 2023 Safety Town Program. A 2022 Foundation grant, from unrestricted funds, ensured new sidewalks for crosswalk safety.

In December, the Foundation connected interested donors to the project to help upgrade Safety Town. Grants by Don and Jane Leach and the George F. Renkert Memorial Fund purchased 15 new bikes and stop signs.

This year's attendees will be pedaling around in more modern vehicles. Safety Town now has kids of kids who went through the early days of Safety Town taking advantage of this safety instruction. The Foundation is celebrating its partnership with Safety Town and the families who benefit from this program.

The George F. Renkert Memorial Fund supports...

The George F. Renkert Memorial Fund supports projects that make the UA community better. This fund has also supported the Renkert Garden at Thompson Park, a drunk driving simulator for the Police Department, a DARE truck, and UA Civic Association Fourth of July activities.

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